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tv   Arts and Culture - News  Deutsche Welle  February 22, 2019 7:45pm-8:01pm CET

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designer phillips will be here to shed some light on his illuminated paintings. and where architecture meets fashion the bauhaus inspired clothing of the berlin brand of hamas. this sunday it's the ninety first academy awards and the pressure is not just on the nominees last year's oscar ceremony got the worst t.v. ratings in the prizes history and it's been drama ever since leaving this year's show without a host now the big hollywood studios are also on pins and needles because if the netflix film rohmer cleans up the prizes that could shake up the whole industry here's our look at this year's top contenders. on the red carpet is rolled out for the ninety first oscar award ceremony two films with ten nominations each face off against each other mexican director alfonso clone is perhaps in pole position with
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his autobiographical film roma he is also nominated as best director and accolades he already won back in twenty four to somewhat controversially roma is a netflix streaming platform production. but in how many categories will the favorite try on this costume drama about british queen anne in the early eighteenth century defies convention. coleman has already picked up a number of best actress awards for her trial of the ailing queen. christian bale burning international film festival and christian bale as former u.s. vice president dick cheney in vice the incredible transformation could earn the british actor his second oscar he already has won for his role in the fight sir but that was only for best supporting role.
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walked around going to a couple of stores in a couple a shot. this actress has been nominated six times but always went home empty handed and close in the wife playing the wife of a fictional. nobel prize winning. the battle of the day. interesting reputations of the leadership academy the money says it will be seventh time lucky and that close will finally lift the coveted trophy the fight of all sky hopefuls is sealed members of the academy had to submit their votes by last tuesday the show can begin hollywood is ready for its close up. and my special guest today is here the artist and sometimes set designer philip philip feel welcome philip i don't think i know before we talk art just real quickly what film are you rooting for this year's oscars actually it was mentioned before i really enjoyed
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the favorite for everything basically the director. and especially the set and custom design i'm a huge fan of sandy paul we're going to be talking about that in costume design a little bit later but one major element in your work is actually light a lot of your works are just about like they actually create light what is light means to you light is a very essential part of my work and starting from. during my studies as a more this classical painter with oil on canvas i was more and more influenced by oprah and the stage well life of course is very essential part and the spotlight on it and i was experimenting than between painting and life and we're actually looking now at some of your works these are these light up glass boxes it's actually painting on a glass box with light bulbs inside yes it's as simple let's say seventy transfer and mirror and the media is sometimes mirroring something so opaque and
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on the other hand it can get transparent depending on whether the light comes from so the light is actually a very ambivalent. place a very ambivalent role on the one hand it's lighting some. thing up creating a motive on the other hand it's hiding a different motive which is depending on if the light is inside the books or it's coming from outside the box ok we're going to talk more about your work in just a second first i want to take a closer work closer look this is the work of a few over. light transparency reflections are important elements in the artistic work of. the central object in his stage since installation art works. in an area in one nine hundred eighty two took much of his inspiration from
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a period of acute illness after completing his art studies spent a lot of time in hospital because of heart problems. the transparency of chest x. rays of the key to his acrylic glass boxes he fills them with various materials. and light sources which can be switched on and off the result organic ever changing works that function in three dimensions. became internationally known. alpina in foreign. objects. is an essential component of his work combined with traditional and historical elements the influence of nordic romantic painting. contemporary art. now. reports your time in the hospital with heart problems as
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a young man actually had a huge influence on your career you were inspired by those x. rays looking back now do you see that as a setback all the time you spent in the hospital or is it an advantage looking back . it was very inspiring being in that situation. very. frightening so thank god everything worked well and i could use it. which maybe is quite natural. action if you are created to if you try always to make the best out of. every situation you are. pushed into so i want to talk now about some of your other work because you're not just a fine artist you actually also do set and costume designs for operate you've worked in major opera houses throughout europe let's take a quick look at your carmen. how you did both the
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costumes and the set here yes. i tried well i started with a set design without even studying that. huge passion of mine since i'm a kid opera and i always wished. to get into that and it was by chance that i meant a few people that brought me and drew me into that world and you have my first productions were only. based then i got the inside of that everything the whole. should be mine and then i tried to doll it really could it actually really comes together we can see how the costumes and the sets are very much alike they're also a lot like your light boxes it's all very clear just really quickly can you tell me is there one thing that inspires you as an artist that well there's a lot i can't really focus it on on one thing and it really depends on what it is
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but what what inspires me is actually the. the situation being on stage not you personally that's not my favorite part but bringing things. all well in what we call in jim and. i we're going to have to leave it there thank you so much for being on the show philip through the whole farm thank you. now one hundred years ago the bauhaus academy here in germany revolutionized art architecture and product design stripping away ornament and focusing on function and that bauhaus approach that started one hundred years ago in one nine hundred nineteen is still a huge influence today it's the inspiration for the architects turn fashion designer jennifer calm on. a minimalist fashion that is also unlike in.
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linear geometric concepts inspired by buildings like this one in berlin designed by powerhouse architect a volunteer gropius jennifer bronfman who studied architecture and fashion design combines both elements in her fashions her work has been influenced by bauhaus principle. to cowhide because a cavity of the designs the principles and the overall approach allows you to create so many different variations. in the bauhaus architects essentially dismantled the structure and then put it back together again in a completely new way jennifer brockman does the same thing using various elements of classic clothing and. with us so what we have on two components that are not just signed by scientists they flew together to create something new and they had them and i know it's tie it in with.
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this fashion item was created by combining parts of a shirt and a dress code. jennifer loves to create fashions that surprised us. at first glance this looks like a separate shirt and waistcoat on a hanger. by comparison but none of the team pieces together. so it's one item and from the back you can see that it's a shunt. as a student she founded the brockman label that she now runs with her husband orloff comes in berlin. at first she designed only men's fashions and won high praise for them at berlin fashion week. now she's also a welcome guest of the paris pressure for tasia years and she's expanded her business to include women's fashions always true to the minimalist balance
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tradition. evolved by us sweet playful fashions assigned to women and powerful designs to men. and he should have got past that. with a mexican. the creative forces at bell house wanted to change the world with their form follows function principals bell house design still impressed one hundred years on. jennifer brockman is trying to change the a femoral world of fashion in her own way. the concept of africa some sustainability concept is also an aspect of design. do you think creates interesting styles that will stay interesting for a long time to come inside a sense and. whether it's concrete and glass or fabric some forms never
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go out of style. that whether you're wearing a sleek bauhaus inspired trench coat or just your favorite pajamas we're glad you joined us for me and all the crew here in berlin a very happy and healthy oscars weekend if all the popcorn you want and if you need more culture news you know where to find us at d.w. dot com slash culture. thanks.
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every week on t.w. . this is the w. news live from the pope outlined steps to stop the sexual abuse of children in the catholic church pope francis is move comes a summit in the road his testimony from survivors of rape and assault by members of the pledge also on the program. tens of thousands of venezuelans flock to or charity aid concert despite the president's claim that his country is not suffering
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a humanitarian crisis event aims to raise one hundred million dollars to help people suffering from food and medicine.


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